Terms and Conditions (Checkout)



  1. Your order with us constitutes your offer to purchase the products listed in the order, for the prices detailed therein.  
  2. By submitting an order, you irrevocably warrant that the personal data and information being submitted are true and accurate and that you are lawfully authorized (including aged 18 years or more) to complete the said offer and purchase, if your offer is accepted by us.
  3. Submission of your order does not automatically constitute acceptance of your order on our part. Confirmation of your order will be subject to availability of stock, the personal data and information that you have submitted being true and accurate etc.
  4. Any acceptance of your order will be confirmed to you in writing as soon as possible.
  5. Whilst we do our best to honour orders placed by our customers, we reserve the right (without need for justification) to decline (whether the whole or in part) such orders or propose modifications thereto.
  6. We also reserve the right to impose a minimum purchase amount for any one order before we are able to consider and/or confirm any order.
  7. Where a product is not available, we reserve the right to propose a similar or equivalent product.
  8. It is forbidden for you to assign, whether the whole or in part, any order (whether confirmed or not) that you have placed with us.



  1. Whilst we do our best to deliver within three (3) working days upon confirmation of an order, we shall not be liable for any late delivery. You shall be notified of any change in expected delivery times
  2. Delivery shall be completed and confirmed when you sign the delivery note and/or invoice and take possession of the goods delivered. No cancellation and/or refunds will be allowed after delivery.
  3. Payment shall be processed and debited prior to delivery. In the event of unsuccessful payment, we shall be entitled to cancel your order.
  4. We cannot be liable for any failure or delay in delivery due to force majeure, which includes for these purposes, cyclone class 3 or above, torrential rain declared by the Government. We may choose to limit delivery of purchases made through our e-shop to inland delivery only or delivery at locations within a certain radius of our office(s). Please note that our deliveries are limited to Mauritius mainland only (excluding Rodrigues).
  5. Our standard delivery charge is Rs.250/- per order. For each order exceeding a total purchase price of Rs.2000/-, delivery shall be free of charge (subject to our right to charge additional delivery charges as mentioned below).


Refund and/or Cancellation Policy

  1. You shall be entitled to cancel any order prior to delivery only where the goods are found to be damaged, tampered with and/or not as ordered when they arrive for delivery. In the event of such cancellation by you, Aany purchase price paid in respect of duly authorized cancelled orders, will be refunded without interest or if you agree, you will receive a gift voucher for future purchases for the equivalent amount of the refund amount. You may alternatively agree for us to replace the defective items or erroneous order, in which case, delivery shall be done free of delivery charges. Our liability of any nature whatsoever (whether direct and/or indirect, consequential etc.) in respect of any goods sold shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law and all intents and purposes, be limited to the agreed purchase price of those concerned goods only. 


  1. Where you refuse delivery without the right to do so, or we (or our transporter) have been unable to reasonably effect delivery due to incorrect address or unattended premises, we reserve the right to cancel the sale and dispose of the said goods as we deem fit as of right without need for any formality and/or to claim from you (additional) delivery charges. 


These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Mauritius. By submitting your order to us, you irrevocably agree to the present terms and conditions and to abide by same.  You also confirm having read and understood our privacy notice.

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